Part Payment

As a payment method Part Payment gives the consumer the opportunity to pay even larger orders in parts within a longer time period, if they don't want to or can't pay for the entire order at the time of placing the order. By letting the consumers know about the opportunity to use Part Payment as a payment method, you can increase both the number of customers and the average value of an order.

By relieving any uncertainty concerning the use of Part Payment as a payment method in the web store and in the early stages of the order process, you can strengthen the consumer's confidence and they can get acquainted with the products and enjoy shopping more freely.

Svea Payments offers the web store

  • Banner images presenting Part Payment

  • An example of part payment installments for the product page (embed)

  • Material based on which the web store can create a page presenting Part Payment in their web store. The presentation page includes a calculator with which the consumer can calculate payment plans and installments for different sums of their own choosing. Additionally, the web store can can place products on the page and payment plan examples will be fetched from Svea Payments system.

The examples of payment plans and installments are fetched from Svea Payments server and are real.

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