Old Extranet

Instructions for using the KauppiasExtranet service in online shopping

version 1.8

Production environment: KauppiasExtranet
Test environment: KauppiasExtranet

KauppiasExtranet allows you to

• check data of orders
• make returns for orders made by card (including in direct payment services and after payments have been settled)
• make returns for orders paid with Collector Invoice and or Collector Part Payment (including in direct payment services and after payments have been settled)
• check data of your own company and web store
• check the data of your Svea Payments service
• print reports to be used for accounting, for instance
• send feedback, suggestions and requests for support to Svea Payments
• manage risks related to debit and credit card payments

When you have the Satisfaction Guarantee Service with KauppiasExtranet you also

• can add shipping data to the order (only in the Satisfaction Guarantee service)
• make a cancellation / full return, partial returns or refunds also for orders made with online bank payments, Svea Invoice or Svea Part Payment.
• process returns, partial returns and reclamations made by buyers

When making a money refund for an order, regardless of your type of payment service, whether or not returns have already been made for the order, or whether or not payments for the order have already been settled, always try to first make a refund in KauppiasExtranet.

KauppiasExtranet navbar

The Account Transactions page shows a summary of pending transactions and allows you to browse transactions using various search criteria. You can also process individual orders by adding shipping data, for instance, process cancellations and returns by buyers, or cancel a transaction.

You can review the data of your company, web store and Svea Payments service from the Webstore Information and Service Information pages.

On the Reports page you can easily generate reports needed for accounting in csv format. The reports for purchases paid with Svea payment methods can be retreived from The Svea Admin user interface which can also be accessed from the Reports page if necessary.

On the Contact us page you can send us feedback or a contact request.

On the Feedback statistics page, web stores that use the Satisfaction Guarantee can review the feedback they receive in Web Buyer’s services.