Old Extranet

Instructions for using the KauppiasExtranet service in online shopping

version 1.8

Production environment: KauppiasExtranet
Test environment: KauppiasExtranet

KauppiasExtranet allows you to

• check the data of orders
• make returns for orders made by card, invoice or part payment (including in direct payment services and after payments have been settled)
• make returns to online bank payments (if the webstore uses Svea Payments' return and refund management tools)
All other functions have been moved to the new Svea Payments Extranet.

When you are using Svea Payments' return and refund management tools, you can also:

• add delivery tracking info to the order (only when using the Buyer’s Assistant -service)
• make a cancellation / full return, partial returns or refunds also for orders made with online bank payments, invoice or part payment
• process returns, partial returns and reclamations made by buyers

When making a money refund for an order, regardless of your type of payment service, whether or not returns have already been made for the order, or whether or not payments for the order have already been settled, always try to first make a refund in KauppiasExtranet.

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