You can print out reports (in CSV format) from the Reports page for accounting purposes. Reports can be attached to credited or receivable transactions over the selected period of time.
Accounting reports related to invoicing and part payment transactions that come through SveaWebPay must be retrieved from the Svea Admin service.

SveaWebPay settlement reports

For payments of Svea Invoice, Svea Part Payment and Svea B2B Invoice, an individual settlement may contain a sum of money for more than one order, from which fees charged by Svea and any other expenses have been deducted. For the purpose of matching settlements, reports related to settlements shall be retrieved from the SveaWebPay Admin administration application. You have received a user name and password from Svea. Every payment method is settled as its own aggregate settlement. A B2B invoice might be settled as one or several aggregate settlements or together with a SveaWebPay Invoice depending on the agreement between the web store and SveaWebPay.

You can also go to the SveaWebPay Admin application directly at
Alternatively you can also go to SveaWebPay Admin through Svea Payments KauppiasExtranet. After payment has been settled to the web store, instructions for managing the transaction in the Svea Admin service are found at the end of the Transaction data page.

There is also a link to the SveaWebPay Admin from KauppiasExtranet’s reports page:

After logging in to the SveaWebPay Admin service select Reports. As a default on the page, Admin shows links to the newest accounting reports. Search for older reports by clicking on links that show older reports under the headings of payment method.

Note that the date of settlement reports is always slightly behind the settlement dates. Select a month and click on the date link of the settlement and you will receive an itemization of settlements in PDF form.