Service Information

Information about your Svea Payments service is found in Service Information. You can request an update of your data by contacting through the KauppiasExtranet contact form.

When you start using the service you are provided web store-specific IDs for technical interfaces from the Service Information page (web store ID pmt_sellerid, web store secret key , version number of the secret key pmt_keygeneration). After the first payment transaction the IDs are no longer shown.

It is possible to declare a web store’s terms and conditions for customer returns in KauppiasExtranet. Svea Payments uses the data given when it instructs a buyer in connection with customer returns. Additionally the information is available from the web store’s certificate page, where a customer can easily review a web store’s key terms and conditions of payment and delivery.

Service package info

Terms and conditions for returns

Payment and delivery options