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Q: Can I also manage refunds through the payment service?

Yes, you can. Svea Payments return and refund tools are included in all our services. You can also expand the return and refund tools with the Satisfaction Guarantee offered to buyers, allowing your customer to submit a return notice through an online form on the Web Buyer's Services page.

Q: How should I handle a suspicious card payment?

Our system alerts you if a card payment cannot be verified or the buyer is not reliably identified in connection with the remittance. In a verified transaction, the buyer is identified in connection with the online payment by means of separate codes provided by the payment card issuer. Use of verification services reduces the merchant’s risks, because a cardholder registered in the service can be reliably identified.

If the country code of the payment card issuer, buyer’s browser connection IP address country code and product/service delivery country differ from each other and/or the transaction cannot be identified, it’s a good idea to examine the order more carefully before delivery and consider possible contact with the buyer. You can reject the transaction if you have reason to suspect misuse. There is, however, reason to note that there can also be a natural explanation for a differing country code or different delivery information: for example, a foreign job assignment affecting the buyer, student exchange, or payment card issued by a multinational bank.

If you decide to cancel the transaction, we will handle the refund to the customer’s card. If you do not regard cancellation as required, we will redeem the purchase to you according to the normal procedure.

Q: What is meant by payment service and Svea Payments?

Payment services are, for example, online banking and card payments. A payment service can be offered only by a service provider that fulfills the requirements enacted in the payment institution legislation. Offering payment services is concerned when a service provider, acting between the payer and the payee, transfers funds between the parties on the basis of an assignment received from them. Svea Payments is this sort of payment service provider. We have invested in the security and client-friendliness of our payment services. Through the Extranet service included in the Svea Payments contract, refunds are handled effectively. Due to the Satisfaction Guarantee service offered to buyers, arranging product returns is also easy, and the store can ensure high-quality and reliable service to its customers under possible return circumstances as well.

Q: Can I follow my web store payment traffic in real time?

Yes. The information regarding approved payments is delivered to the web store immediately. Payments can be followed either in the Extranet service or in the web store program management panel. By utilizing Extranet, you also gain access to the comprehensive business statistics services. This way you get clear reports on web store cash traffic, and you can also manage customers’ possible liaisons, returns and cancellations.

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