Old Shopify installation guide

This guide is about installing Svea Payment Gateway v2 to your Shopify store. V2 release adds new features such as payment and invoices with product and shipping lines, and refunds and cancel order functionality.


  • You have received your payment gateway credentials from Svea Payments customer support

  • You have created a store on the Shopify platform, and you have admin rights to manage settings

  • The domain name for the store is the final


You have two options on how to install and use the payment gateway:

  1. Install a single gateway and let buyers select payment method after redirected to Svea Payment service. Quicker to install as only one configuration is needed.

  2. Install separate gateways for each payment method. Buyers can select the payment method on the Shopify checkout page.

1) Configure webhooks

Webhook configuration is required for the integration to work.

  1. Open Shopify webstore admin page and type Notifications to search field. Select notifications.

  2. Scroll bottom of the Notification Settings page and click Create webhook. Use the following values:
    Event: Checkout Creation
    Format: JSON
    Webhook API version: select one with (Latest) tag
    URL: https://payments.maksuturva.fi/api/v1/shopify/webhook/<seller id> where seller id is your Seller ID you have received from Svea Payments customer support, for example, https://payments.maksuturva.fi/api/v1/shopify/webhook/1234567890ABCDE

  3. Repeat step 2 and create another Webhook, but the event name is Checkout Update

  4. As a result, you will have information similar to this, but the URL starts with https://payments.maksuturva.fi... and ends with your seller id.

  5. After you have created these two webhooks, please take note of the section:
    All your webhooks will be signed with <long string>, so you can verify their integrity. Save this long string to your notepad or text editor of your choice.

  6. Continue with Check your store tax settings

2) Send the required information to Svea Payments customer support

Please contact your Svea contact person first about how to send this information to Svea securely. The bolded text includes example values for the required information.

Your Webhook signature key (from step 2 - Configure webhooks)

3) Check your store tax settings

  1. Use the Shopify webstore admin panel search field and type Tax

  2. Select Taxes settings.

  3. It is preferable to show all prices with taxes included and charge tax on shipping rates. It affects how Shopify will calculate the product and shipping lines in the checkout process.

Continue with step Discount code support or skip to step Send required information to Svea

4a) Option 1. - Install single Svea Payment gateway

  1. Open the link https://www.shopify.com/login?redirect=%2Fadmin%2Fauthorize_gateway%2F1055039

  2. Type your store address and Next

  3. Login with your store admin credentials

  4. Click the button Install Payment provider

  5. After installation, the browser will redirect to the Payment Providers admin page. At the bottom of the page, select option, Automatically capture payment for orders and Save

  6. Click Alternative Payment Methods, Search for Svea Payments V2 and select it

  7. A new page will open and fill in your account information: Seller ID (8 characters) and Secret key you have received from Svea Payments customer support. Click the Activate button.

  8. Continue with step Configure Webhooks. It's mandatory to configure webhooks; otherwise, the integration will not work correctly.

4b) Option 2. Install separate gateways

If you select this option, buyer can select the payment method on checkout page. You may select one to all payment methods. Reordering payment methods is not possible.

  1. Select the link related to payment method you want to install from the table below.

  2. Follow Option 1. installation steps 2 to 7

  3. Repeat until you have installed all payment methods

  4. Then, continue with step Configure Webhooks. It's mandatory to configure webhooks; otherwise, the integration will not work correctly.

Table of installation links per payment method

5) Discount code support

All Shopify total, product-specific, and shipping discount codes are supported, and the amount will be subtracted from the total order sum.