Shopify V2

This guide is about installing Svea Payment Gateway to your Shopify store. The document is for the latest version (V2) of the Svea Payment Gateway. The release includes new features such as payment and invoices with product and shipping lines, and refunds and cancels functionality.

Both old and latest gateway versions can be installed simultaneously for testing purposes. But for sake of clarity only one should be activated in the production environment.


  • You have received your gateway credentials from Svea Payments

  • You have created a store on Shopify Platform, and you have admin rights to manage settings

  • The domain name for the store is the final

Install Svea Payment gateway using the activation link

  • Open the link in your browser and login to your store. Check the store address matches targeted Shopify store on the login page.

  • Click the button Install Payment provider

  • After installation, you will be redirected to Payment Providers admin page

  • Select option, Automatically capture payment for orders and Save

  • Click Alternative Payment Methods and Choose alternative payment

  • Search for Svea Payments Finland Gateway and select it

  • A new page opens and fill your account information, your Seller ID, and Secret key you have received from Svea Payments customer support.

  • Select which payment methods your store accepts and click Activate gateway

Configure webhooks

Webhook is a technique to deliver checkout details to Svea Payment system. You will need two webhooks. This configuration is needed for all payments.

  • Create another Webhook with values above but for Event name Checkout Update

  • After you have created these two webhooks, please take note of the section: All your webhooks will be signed with <long string>, so you can verify their integrity. This string value is to be sent to Svea Payments customer care so Svea could verify the integrity of the Shopify webhook requests.

You can access the webhook settings later at Notification settings page.

Add Order API access

Order API credentials are needed for Svea to access the webstore's detailed order information when cancelling or refunding orders. You can skip this if you don't need refund or cancel functionality.

  • Admin Panel / Apps section, click Manage private apps at the bottom of the page

  • Create a new private app

  • Private app name: Svea payments Order Management

  • Emergency developer contact information

  • Required Admin API access:
    Orders, transactions, and fulfillments, set to Read
    Products, variants and collections, set to Read

  • Click Save and Create an app

  • Note the API example url. You need to send it to Svea Payments customer support to allow order management integration access.

Check your store tax settings

  • Use the admin panel search field and type Tax. Select Taxes settings.

  • It's advised to show all prices with taxes included and charge tax on shipping rates. It affects how the product and shipping lines are calculated in the checkout process.

Discount code support

All Shopify overall, product specific and shipping discount codes are supported and the amount is substracted from total order sum.

Send the required information to Svea Payments customer support

Please contact your Svea contact person first how to send this information to Svea via secure channel (Deltagon).

The bolded text includes example values for the required information.

Admin API example url:

Webhook signature key: 6d8552b54400a03fad7031519746a239e0a909eea1daa939e7435a7d095419c2