Buyer's Assistant (Ostajan apulainen)

The Buyer's Assistant is an easy-to-use online service for buyers. In the Buyer’s Assistant the buyer can for example track the delivery of their order, or make a return notification or reclamation. The service can be used 24/7 where ever the user wants and on any device.


When the buyer has made a change to their order, such as a reclamation or return, the webstore can handle these changes in the Extranet-service. Buyer’s Assistant reduces the amount of contacts to the webstore’s customer service and enables easy and quick refunds to the buyer with just a click of a button.

The Buyer's Assistant can be designed using the web store's colours and logo. This enables a uniform user experience for the web store's customer.

Inspection period and settlements

When the Buyer’s Assistant is in use, there is a so-called inspection period for all orders, which means that after delivery there is a certain time period (usually 14 days, but can be defined by the webstore) within which it’s possible for the buyer or the webstore to make changes to the order. After the inspection period, the payment is transferred to the webstore according to the chosen settlement model.


When the web store has the Buyer's Assistant service in use, all communications to the customer is made through the service which saves the web store's time. Svea Payments sends the buyer email notifications every time there is a change to the order.

Alternatively, email notifications can be turned off if the webstore prefers to handle all communications to the buyer.

Using Buyer’s Assistant

Every order that the buyer makes has its own specific link to the Buyer’s Assistant online portal. The buyer will get this order-specific link by email from Svea Payments after the order is confirmed.

Order history in Buyer’s Assistant:

Making a return in Buyer’s Assistant:

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