Delivery Information management and tracking

Delivery information management and tracking are only available for webstores using Escrow payment services. Also, delivery tracking is only available when the order is comprised of physical products and not for example downloadable products or services in general.

Adding delivery information

After the buyer's payment has been confirmed, the webstore can add order delivery information either by using the Extranet-service or Delivery Information Management API.

The delivery information can be a logistics company’s (such as Posti or Matkahuolto) tracking code, or for example a notification that the order has been picked up by the buyer or delivered by the merchant. It can also be a non-trackable delivery.

Inspection period

The order's inspection period starts as soon as the buyer has received the order according to Svea Payments delivery tracking, or according to the notification from the webstore. The inspection period means, that changes to the order (either by the webstore or the buyer) can be made within this timeframe.

The inspection period is defined by the webstore, but we recommend at least 14 days, which is the time according to the law that the buyer has the right to return their order.

In most settlement model options, the payment of the order is settled to the webstore after the inspection period is over. If the webstore is using the balance-based settlement model, payments are settled as soon as possible and there is no need to wait for the inspection period to be over.

Different types of escrow payment services and delivery information

If the webstore is not using Buyer’s Assistant, but only the return/refund tools, adding delivery information is not necessary and orders can be automatically marked as delivered. This way the inspection period starts immediately. In these cases, Svea Payments does not direct any communications to the buyer.

If however the webstore is using Buyer’s Assistant, then Svea Payments sends the buyer an email notification every time there is a change in the order, for example when delivery information has been added and when the order is delivered according to the delivery tracking. Buyer’s Assistant enables the buyer to manage their order online.

Even if Buyer’s Assistant is in use, It is also possible to turn off email notifications if the webstore wants to handle all communications to the buyer.

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