Card Payments

Card payments are an essential payment method for every webstore. The payment is debited either from the buyer's credit or debit account, depending on the type of card and the buyer's choice.

Different types of card payments:

Svea Payments offers the card payments of Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Business Eurocard.

In addition, Svea Payments can offer American Express card payments through a technical interface, which means that the webstore makes a direct agreement with American Express but Svea Payments offers the payment interface.

Recurring payments, in-app payments and some mobile payments (MobilePay, Masterpass and certain Pivo-payments) are based on card payments and require the registration of a credit or debit card.

PCI DSS Security Standard:

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) sets certain security standards for Payment Service Providers (PSP's) offering card payments. Svea Payments is certified to the highest level of these security standards and is PCI DSS Level 1 certified.

Svea Payments is responsible for its card payment service complying to the PCI DSS data security standard also for the part where the service is outsourced for example to a technical service provider handling card information. The webstore is in turn responsible for the data security in the web store according to the PCI DSS data security standard.

Payment process with card payment

  1. The buyer chooses his/her card type either on Svea Payments payment page or on the webstore's checkout page.

  2. The buyer types in his/her card details either on the webstore's checkout page or on a page provided by Svea Payments.
    (If the card requires authentication: the buyer's identity is verified either by signing in to his/her online bank or by a separate password or code provided by the card issuer.)

  3. The webstore displays a 'thank you' -page or similar. The order is confirmed. 

Things to note when having card payments in use

Card payments enable recurring payments, that are useful for webstores that sell for example subscriptions, memberships or donations.

Card payments involve a certain risk for webstores, which is different in distance sales than it is in physical stores. To help manage this risk, we have put together some useful instructions.

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