Online Bank Payments

Online bank payments are the most popular payment method in Finland. When using this payment method, the payment is debited directly from the buyer's bank account. Bank payments can be settled to the merchant quickly, depending on the settlement model that the webstore has chosen.

Svea Payments offers online bank payments through all Finnish banks:

  • Osuuspankki

  • Nordea

  • Aktia

  • S-Pankki

  • DanskeBank

  • Handelsbanken

  • POP Pankki

  • Säästöpankit

  • Oma Säästöpankki

  • Ålandsbanken

Payment process with online bank payment

  1. The buyer chooses his/her bank either on Svea Payments payment page or on the webstore's checkout page.

  2. The buyer is transferred to the bank's system, where the buyer signs in to the online bank and confirms the payment using their online bank codes or a mobile application.

  3. The buyer is transferred automatically back to the webstore or the buyer clicks a link to return to the web store.

  4. The webstore displays a 'thank you' -page or similar. The order is confirmed.

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