The buyer chooses Svea Payments when he/she wants to pay the order. Webstore then sends the order and payment details to Svea Payments using Payment API. Buyer is then displayed a page where he/she can choose one of the payment methods made available in the webstore. The page appearance and layout depends on the payment service the webstore has subscribed to.

An example: Buyer pays the order using Aktia payment.

Choosing payment method already in the webstore


When Svea Payments and Webstore has mutually agreed on it, webstore can display the available payment methods for he buyer in their webstore. In this scenario, the Svea Payments page for choosing the payment method is skipped altogether. This requires the webstore to retrieve the available payment methods per order using Retrieve Available Payment Methods API. Also, the Payment API must contain the code of the payment method (pmt_paymentmethod) buyer chose in the webstore. When buyer chooses payment method on a page displayed by Svea Payments, he/she agrees on the terms and conditions of Satisfaction Guarantee payments. On the other hand, if buyer chooses payment method in the webstore that is using Satisfaction Guarantee, webstore must display the aforementioned terms and conditions in the webstore and ensure the buyer agrees on them.


An example: Buyer pays the order using Aktia payment, choosed in the webstore (pmt_paymentmethod=FI03).