Personal test credentials

Testing with personal credentials

Personal test credentials enable webstore to test the buyer's payment process and e.g. Buyer’s Assistant and Extranet. Test environment never handles real money! All the payments are done in the test environments of each supported bank, card payment handler or credit provider etc.

Personal test credentials are applicable only in Svea Payments test environment addresses that begin with For example, for new payments use and for payment status queries use

Obtaining personal credentials from Svea Payments

Instructions for subscribing to the service and obtaining credentials can be found here: Service Subscription

Personal test credentials for the test environment are conferred without any separate agreement. Ordering the personal credentials is especially recommended if you are installing our service with a payment module as part of a web store based on open source software, or if you are starting up an independent integration job.

You can use the account number FI27 1234 5612 3456 73 when ordering the test service. Signing the order (by authentication in online banking service) is not necessary in testing environment. Please inform us when you have completed the test order and have saved all relevant credentials, so that we can activate your test environment credentials.

Production vs. test environment

Please note that production and test environments are completely separate and the credentials only work in the environment they were obtained for.

When webstore wants to use production environment and real cash, the services are found from production address That is, for example new payment requests are sent to address and payment status queries to address

The easiest way to test payment transactions is through the online banking services (see banks’ test credentials, do not try to use your own real online banking credentials).

Card payments require you to use real card details, but your card will not be charged. An authorization hold of test payment's amount is put to the card though and will be released later. The exact time how long the amount will stay held away from the card's available funds depend on the card issuing bank, usually a few business days.

Paying by invoice etc. is instructed separately.

While testing the payment status query please note the differences between status queries in different usage environments.

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